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I have ordered from you multiple times, have had issues before but gave you guys a second chance. I will NEVER use you again.

I will let everyone I know, every military vet, and every stranger I meet on the street that your service is a discrace. I hope you're company falls apart and every person involved gets *** over just like you *** my family over and wasted my money. My wife is going through more than you could ever imagine and the smile on her face that could have brought a glimpse of hope to her life when she needed it the most was shatter by YOUR company.

This isn't the end from me and I will do everything I can to ruin your pathetic company that I once looked up to. Good luck the karma heading your way!

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100% fully agree with you! Their company is crap!!!

I'm active duty military and have ordered from them several times because I made the mistake of getting the Gold Membership. Little did I know that even though I'm an gold member, it really means NOTHING! Yes, I get free shipping and no processing fees... BUT, I also get NO DISCOUNTS!

If I use any kind of discount (even 99 cents), I have to pay FULL shipping and processing fees... Usually around $18.

So, I'm stuck paying for full (over) priced flowers that usually die within a few days and are typically delivered late.

I will NEVER use or recommend this company to anyone!

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