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First, let me say I used FTD a year ago with no problems.

This time I ordered Mothers Day flowers on May 8 for delivery on May 11. First off my account was charged $25 more than the advertised price. That was a 30 minute CS discussion with a person who sounded like he just got back from the local pot shop and lacked even the most rudimentary arithmetic skills.

That problem eventually sorted, my next thought - how odd that I was getting a Fedex confirmation for a flower delivery from Dan Seattle???!!!

Whatever. I let it ride - until I called Mom today for my Happy Mothers Day greeting and to hear that the flowers arrived, on time, in good condition, and beautiful...NOT!

She said nothing about flowers - neither did I. Good thing I also sent champagne in a separate shipment! After that call I checked Fedex to find that the shipment was stalled in San Diego. On calling FTD I was greeted with a passionless CS person who offered me a revised delivery date of May 15 a $10 shipping discount!!!

Besides their total failure to perform, I explained to someone who SHOULD KNOW, what happens to flowers in a box on a truck for 6 business days, after which I was offered a full refund, advised that if the flowers look bad when they arrive, I'm free to "just throw them out" and "is there anything else I can help you with today?".

I said yes as a matter of fact, you can get flowers to the address as promised today. "I'm sorry sir, that won't be possible. Is there anything else I can help you with today?"

"Seriously? Obviously not!" Was my wasted breath of a reply. "Then thank you for using FTD and have a wonderful day".

FTD has obviously come up with a new calculation for profit margin vs losses due to Failure To Deliver - their new name as far as I'm concerned.

Monetary Loss: $79.

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Lansing, Michigan, United States #649718

Totally agree. I'm not sure I will even waste my time calling their customer service line if this is what I have to look forward to.

What an awful company. I only used them because of a Groupon deal.

Not only did my "savings" only cover the fees, my mom also has to wait to possibly receive her gift tomorrow. I guess I should have had some back-up champagne as well...

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