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I am EXTREMELY disappointed in the quality of my mother's birthday bouquet and when I called customer service to explain my dismay, they reassured me it would be handled tastefully and a different bouquet would be sent to her with more flowers, as per the "LARGE" upgrade I had paid for. My mother called, and said they came, took her flowers and replaced them with the EXACT SAME bouquet.

Which left her confused, and embarrassed. The delivery guy TOLD HER that the flowers were initially a MISTAKE, and then when he gave her the new bouquet stated "They're exactly the same, I guess someone complained." So now for the lovely surprise of my mothers birthday, while she works at the hospital, she knows I called customer service and didn't receive what I paid for. My mother is now upset and refusing to accept the flowers... FTD has called her at work for "Customer inquiry" requiring her to call back and name all the flowers and the count of them over the phone.

MY MOTHER WORKS AT A HOSPITAL. She has patients all day long, she does not have time to confirm the amount of flowers she received. This whole situation has been handled SO poorly. As for her hospital and mine, I have spoken to our HR coordinators and head of staff.

With the way this was handled, a newsletter will be placed out to both communities as well as a social media site, and state wide paper informing everyone of the terrible customer service, and how my mothers flowers were ultimately taken back from her so that I could be given a refund when the option to change them was no longer on the table. No, I do not want a $25 gift card for future purchase.

I no longer want to do business with you and neither will any of the readers. Terrible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Ftd Bouquet.

Monetary Loss: $68.

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