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I will deal with any other florist but never FTD again. It is not the first time of such poor service. Last time we decided not to deal with FTD but chose to give them another chance BUT NO MORE. They do not deserve to be given any chance. The offer poor service and are unresponsive.

Can't wait to have your inbox overflowing with SPAM? Make an order through this despicable company and you too can count on it.



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The will not take you off their postal mail spam list without demanding your email address. They also do bait and switch on pricing. They used to be quite good -- about 10-15 years ago -- but have turned into a really sleazy operation.


I'm having the same issue with Spam. Since ordering flowers for my wife on Valentine's Day they were sending lots of Spam.

I unsubscribed a few weeks ago and then started getting triple the Spam. I received 12 Spam from in the first 36 hours, followed by 3 to 4 a day since.

I verified the address to make sure they were truly from FTD. I have now setup a Spam filter for FTD and will never purchase from them again.

Providence, Rhode Island, United States #1256455

You are absolutely right. Nothing stops FTD from bombing with emails.

I, too, was unhappy with them and this is the final straw.


Wow...FTD is pathetic. I agree with all the negative comments here.

FTD will NOT allow you to unsubscribe. This is what their "ten times a day" spam indicates...

"Please do not reply to this email. If you do not wish to receive our exclusive email offers and updates, please unsubscribe.

© FTD Companies, Inc."

Unfortunately, there is never a it is impossible to unsubscribe.

I had to go into my email settings and BLOCK

And I am not exaggerating...I get 10+ emails from FTD daily. Do they really think this will increase the likelihood that I'll purchase from them ever again?!

Stay away from FTD.


Can Verify, I've unsubscribed 2 times so far and they just sent me another "Super secret sale email only" email. With prices like theirs, of course there's always multiple "sales" and "promotions" going on...deceitful practice.


I got FTD to let me go by posting the message below on the FTD Flowers Facebook page again and again.

FTD promised to take me off their spam list, and I'm still getting spam emails from FTD.

Maybe FTD should fix the "unsubscribe" link in their spam emails.

But it's all about the money. The group that sends out the spam emails gets paid based on the number of "subscribers".

If people "unubscribe" then their funding shrinks. So either they boke the "unsubscribe" link on theire spam emails on purpose, or they just let it say broken so that their "subscriber" numbers stay up and their funding stays higher.

FTD spends a ton of money to advertise, but their really poor service and then getting buried in their spam emails afterwards really sucks.

I will deal with any other florist but never FTD again. It is not my first experience of such poor service from FTD. Last time I decided not to deal with FTD but chose to give them another chance BUT NO MORE.

They do not deserve to be given another chance. The offer poor service and are unresponsive to request to remove people from their spam list. Can't wait to have your inbox overflowing with SPAM? Make an order through this despicable company and you too can count on it to go on forever.


DO NO DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. If you have had this same experience, please feel free to copy and paste this onto the FTD Facebook site as many times as you want to.

Titusville, Florida, United States #937942

So you want to unsubscribe?

I called their 800 number after continuing to get spammed following an unsubscribe effort on their website. I clearly got a 3rd world service rep who, after hearing my request, said 'So you'd like to unsubscribe?' Yes, I would.

'Ok, can I have your phone number?' No, I won't give you that. 'Ok, so you want to unsubscribe?' YES, I WANT TO UNSUBSCRIBE! 'I see, so you are getting emails from FTD?' 'Yes' 'And you want to unsubscribe?' Are you kidding me?!?!?!? I wasn't convinced that I was even speaking to a human being!

These people are beyond incompetent!

After more fun, I hung up and called back. I got someone who asked for info like my phone number which I, again, refused to provide, but eventually she claimed that I've been removed.

We'll see what tomorrow brings. If it brings another 3 spam emails, I'll be contacting the BBB.

Yacolt, Washington, United States #774170

The same thing happened to me. I receive as many as three email spam ads a day, each and everyday.

I have tried to unsubscribe so many time now I have lost count. FTC is the worst company I have ever dealt with.

Orange Park, Florida, United States #773185

just submitted a bbb complaint.


same issue. i've unsubscribed 4 times now.

still get 2 emails a day from FTD.

Los Angeles, California, United States #724862

Whenever I empty my spam mailbox the FTD emails are a good reminder to never, ever do business with that company again.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #649351

Same issue here, I ordered from FTD and started seeing the spam roll in. I unsubscribed twice and yet they are still coming. I'll try the BBB compliant process.

to Todd #650683

BBB complaint process worked, I quickly got an e-mail from their "Customer Care" team that promised to take me off the e-mail list. FTD e-mail stopped right away.

San Diego, California, United States #647322

I can't get to remove it either. One of the worst unsubscribe process they have.

I started getting daily emails now after I unsubscribed from once a week. What a freaking waste of time deleting it everyday.


I too was sick and tired of the daily SPAMings from FTD. Filed a complaint on the BBB site against stating they are in violation of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 for not providing a visible and OPERABLE unsubscribe mechanism.

Within a few hours I received a response from a FTD customer service rep apologizing and stating I have been permanently removed. Not a single SPAM message since.

Looks like they are concerned with keeping their BBB "A" rating. Sad that we must go these lengths...

to Greg Ashburn, Virginia, United States #648597

Thank you so much for the advice. After reading your post yesterday, I filed a complaint with the BBB. Not only had I used their bogus "unsubscribe" link in their emails, I called the company directly about this issue. I think the customer service rep was filing her fingernails while I gave her my email address - only pretending to remove it.

Anyway, within 24 hours of filing the complaint, the BBB sent me their correspondence with FTD and a "customer care specialist" from FTD named Nancy Edwards emailed me informing my name was removed from the list.

Also, minutes after filing my BBB complaint, I called FTD and told the rep that I had filed the complaint and offered her the complaint number. I also told her to tell her bosses to google their company and see how ticked off people are at their spam practices. It won't happen but it made me feel better to say it.


Glad to see I'm not the only one. I can't even remember how many times I've unsubscribed. Have anyone had success with the BBB?

Dayton, Ohio, United States #606238

I ordered a bouquet of flowers from FTD this week and received 9 emails this morning with the exact same subject line, all were SPAM. This is ridiculous. :(

Farmingdale, New York, United States #583053

Screw these bastards. I entered into a contract to buy one bouquet of flower for my wife on one day; not to get one or two emails for life from these unbelievable shitbags. Buy local or suffer the consequences.


I used FTD once and receive their marketing emails daily. I have clicked on their unsubscribe link every day for a month and they keep coming.

I'm in the process of reporting them to BBB, FTC and any other channel I can find. Horrible horrible service.

Use another florist. Its not worth the spam...

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