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Never use this company! This was honestly the most frustrating situation I've ever had to deal with.

First of all, my order was supposed to be delivered on 2/14/13 (Valentine's Day) and I did receive an e-mail confirming that it was DELIVERED at 5:20pm. I then sat patiently waiting for my boyfriend to call and act surprised about receiving his bouquet, but that call never came. It didn't come because the flowers weren't actually delivered. So then, at 6:35pm I called FTD's 1800 number and spoke to a very nice and helpful customer service agent.

She informed me that they were so sorry about my order not being delivered but that the delivery van was no longer making deliveries due to many businesses being closed after 5pm (my boyfriends company is open until 9pm). She stated that the flowers would be delivered again the next day with an upgrade to compensate for the inconvenience. I gladly agreed and we left it at that. Then today rolled around and my boyfriend did not receive his delivery until 5:15pm.

At this point, the work day is almost over again. But that wasn't even my main issue. The main problem was that the bouquet I ordered, was clearly not the one delivered, mind you it was also supposed to be upgraded at this point. I ordered the Lasting Romance bouquet and it's supposed to be this big bouquet with roses, lilies, and baby carnations in a beautiful red vase.

My boyfriend received a clear mini vase with 6 mini roses and 2 baby carnations. I almost had a heart attack when he sent me the pictures. I really want to be able to show you exactly what I'm talking about so please forward me an e-mail address that I can attach photos too. It's ridiculous.

Then when I called back to speak to another agent and gave her this whole story, her response was, "So let me get this right ma'am, your upset because you were told that your arrangement was going to be upgraded and it wasn't?" I couldn't believe it! I told her to forget about the upgrade! I didn't even receive anything close to what I ordered, let alone something that's been upgraded!

I've just never experienced anything like this in my life, and at the end of the day, the bouquet delivered was embarrassing and I cannot believe they charged me $60 + $20 delivery for this!!! I gladly got a refund!

Product or Service Mentioned: Ftd Bouquet.

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