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A week ago was our 20th anniversary and as usual he ordered from FTD. Well, he ordered 20 roses for each year we were married, and we got 18, the flowers showed up at about 5:00 pm which is very frustrating but typical of when they usually show up, and by 3 days most of them were severely drooping and almost dead. He called FTD to complain and spoke to someone who barely spoke English so he asked for a supervisor who spoke even worse English....
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Paid $200 for 25th Anniversary bouquet. Flowers wilted after two days; we threw them out after three days. Called about the so-called "7-day customer satisfaction guarantee"; they only offered a 35% discount (for flowers that last less than 30% of the promised time). Never using FTD again! This is not the first time we have had issues with quality from FTD deliveries. I notified them that they need to change their local vendor, but no...
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