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I ordered flowers for my gf for Valentine's day thinking that if I used a big well known company everything would be fine. I was wrong!

I kept waiting for her to receive the flowers and be so happy what I got for her but that call never came. I called her apartment complex thinking maybe they had sent them there but the hadn't. So I called FTD to see what happened. After waiting about 10 min to talk to somebody they finally told me that they canceled my order but for some reason wasn't going to let me know they were just going to let me waste my money and not get the flowers.

To top it all off the gentleman that I spoke to was Indian and spoke very poor English and I could not understand half of the things he was trying to tell me.

This just shows me that FTD does not care about customer service if they can't get people that speak English to work for them. I am extremely displeased with the service from this company and i will never use them again and will make sure that none of my friends use it either.

Review about: Ftd Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $70.

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San Francisco, California, United States #609647

I had the worst experience with FTD ever. They have the worst customer service possible. Their wait times are throw the roof and they dont really work to serve the consumer. Why do they even bother to have a service department if they are not going to do anything... These people are definitely not working professionals....

I ordered a bouquet of flowers on Valentines day a month ahead. But as always knowing that valentines is a busy day i could understand that there must have been a lot of confusion.

At around 7pm after learning that the recipient did not receive her flowers i called in to see what was happening. The wait time to even talk with a representative was claimed to be 15+minutes

I waited for about 50minutes... spoke with a dude who told me give the florist till 9pm and call again. So i waited and decided to call again at 9pm

Called in at 9pm and this time waited for about 1h30mins.. Talked to a lady who told me that she had no clue why my order was not delivered. During the process i was put on hold multiple times. Then she kept blaming the florist for not delivering. She Then asked what i wanted her to do in a very rude and short manner. I said all i want are the flowers delivered. She said all she could do is send the flowers the next day and give the recipient an apologize letter. Really..... Thats all your going to do? So i ask to speak with a manager. Which at this point she tells me that there are none available. I insist a bit and she brings a manager

This is the best part. I start talking to the dude. Tim Owens.... asks me what i want and i tell him all i want are these flowers delivered. I tell him its valentines day and all i expect are these flowers delivered. He tells me he cant get them delivered at 10pm. And he once against offers to send them the next day with an apology note. I once again insist that he send them tonight, because that is what was promised. He then proceeds to lie to me over the phone telling me that he would personally deliver them...... WOW.

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