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This company sent me emails every day for 2 weeks. When I tried to unsubscribe, the website stated that I did not have an account. I called the company and asked them to unsubscribe me and they stated they did. I then got another 5 emails over the course of 3 days. This company is a scam. Their marketing is a scam. And the email they send is spam. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COPMANY!!!! I had to file a BBB complaint just to get this company to stop... Read more

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I know that I am just a number.... and my complaint will have zero effect on the "great & powerful" FTD Company, but I will voice my concern anyway. Like many of you, I don't send many flowers, but when I do, I expect to get what I pay for. Ordered the FTD Deepest Sympathy Arrangement for a recent funeral. This arrangement is a beautiful light pink roses and carnations, baby's breath and greenery. What was delivered was BRIGHT RED ROSES, NO... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 27
  • #962354

FTD sent me an email that my flowers had been delivered a full 24 hours before they actually were delivered. Without a vase, though the ad price included one. They have sent me 2 or 3 emails a day since that time trying to sell more flowers. I have gone through the full process to unsubscribe twice to no avail. *** would freeze over before i would deal with this company again.

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  • From mobile
  • Nov 01
  • #946961

I ordered a simple arrangement and when I received the flowers they were half the size that was displayed the vase was half the size and according to the delivery they send the order to an outside vendor who takes their cut of the price which leaves the consumer down to nothing. The best thing to do is fine a flower shop in your area. Very dusappointed

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Ordered an exquisite bouquet that was suppose to have 10 roses, 6 Peruvian lilies, 5 daisies and 4 green button poms and 3 leaf stems. paid $75 for the arrangement. The delivered product had only 6 roses, 0 lilies, 4 chrysanthemums, 5 daisies... far from their "lavish and grand" description online and looked NOTHING like the picture. When i spoke with their customer service, they said the picture is only an example...(then why bother with a... Read more

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I received a "Lucky 7 Bamboo" plant from my son for my birthday. It came with a container that was 4 times the size of the plant and stones to hold the plant that only filled about 1/4 of the container so the plant will not stand up! When I called I had to explain this several times to a person who apologized profusely and said she would send another one that would arrive in 5 days when it clearly says on the delivery bill "Priority Next Day... Read more

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My son ordered the flowers for my birthday on 9/29. They were supposed to be delivered on Saturday 10/1, my actual birthday. They never arrived. He is in Europe, and tried calling several times, but kept being disconnected. He sent an e-mail, to no avail. I called from US, was disconnected the first time. Called again and spoke to a customer rep in India, so it seems they outsource the service. Got asked to confirm this and that although I had... Read more

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My husband has been ordering flowers from there for me for many, many years. The quality of flowers had been going down for a few years but I didn't want to complain to my hubby because he always spent a lot of money to make me happy. A week ago was our 20th anniversary and as usual he ordered from FTD. Well, he ordered 20 roses for each year we were married, and we got 18, the flowers showed up at about 5:00 pm which is very frustrating but... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 06
  • #932134

They delivered the roses to the wrong person then picked them back up! Instead of delivering them to my wife, who's office was in the same building, they drove away! When I was finally contacted they blamed me for the error. This isn't customer service! I will buy locally next time!

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Ftd Flowers Review from Vancouver, Washington
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Horrible flowers sent via plane. Came with rotten, moldy flowers and only 6 stems for 59.99 don't use them Read more

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